No boundaries for this cricketer


Father of three Dave McDonald, 44, never thought he would play cricket with his disability. But in 2013 his brother-in-law asked him to fill in a spot in his team and he hasn’t looked back since.

Dave is a long-term cricket fan from Blacktown and the only player in his league with cerebral palsy, but he doesn’t let it hold him back from playing.
Five years ago, Dave was called by his brother-in-law and asked to play in the 7th Grade team for The Ponds Cricket Team when they were short of players. Dave has been with the team ever since.

Cerebral palsy is a disability that permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination and for Dave, it affects the use of his left arm and left leg.

Dave said he never thought cricket was a sport that he could try but figured there wouldn’t be any harm in giving it a go.

“With my disability, I’ve always had the attitude that you don’t know what you can’t do, unless you give it a go.”

“I have achieved a lot throughout my time playing cricket, including playing in a team with players that don’t have disabilities; I find my teammates to be like family, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of guys,” he said.

Dave encourages those living with a disability to get involved in sport and hopes his involvement in cricket encourages other to go out and try their best.

“If I can find it in myself to achieve better each week and do my best, not only for me but for my team, it will go a long way in showing others that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

Having undergone a hip replacement in late 2017, Dave is currently on the injured team list for this cricket season. However, once recovered, he has every intention of playing cricket for as long as he is physically able to.